A Bright Future for
​Catholic Education

What Steven stands for


For Steven, the desire to run for office stems from the belief that our Catholic faith demands we take action and that budget and policy decisions should be based on the following foundations: 

  • work to advance the dignity of every person as equally valuable, 
  • show solidarity with the most vulnerable in the struggle against injustice, and 
  • working together, not as individuals, to support the Common Good. 

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Equity of Opportunity for Student Well-Being and Achievement

Catholic education has always been about making sure every student has the opportunities they need to live their life to the fullest potential. 

Some students will find success in academics flow from other successes – like the arts, sports, or school clubs – so those opportunities are essential and must be available to students who may otherwise lack these opportunities. 

Equity means staff needs to be provided the professional development needed to recognize when students are in need – in need of programs, tools, or resources, to create a more level playing field for students across our School Board.

Giving Everyone – Students, Schools, and Parents a Voice

Steven believes a trustee’s primary responsibility is to make sure that the voices of parents, schools, and students are heard, especially those most vulnerable since those are the voices that usually need to be amplified. 

Increasingly education decisions are being centralized at Queen’s Park with a too often one-size-fits-all approach.  It’s the role of the Board of Trustees to shine a light on where the system is failing our schools and students, especially the marginalized.

Protecting Catholic Education

We are blessed in Ontario with publicly-funded Catholic education. 

Many would like to see its demise, Too many who do not understand the upheaval it would cause to dismantle the current system. We must also understand that being publicly funded means being publicly accountable.  There are some leaders and organizations within our Catholic community who do not accept this and should.

A good guide to follow as a Catholic Education supporter would be the Common Good, a Catholic Social Justice principle.

We must value and serve ALL students. 


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Steven co-hosting a Town Hall on Transit with the Mayor of Guelph. Photo Tony Saxon/Guelph Today